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      First, cooperation with the United Nations Children's fund to support child injury intervention projects

      Qingtian Suzhou Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. in April 2007 with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) cooperation to support children's intervention project. Qingtian enterprises will support UNICEF in China to participate in the future of children's involvement in the intervention program, and to ensure that the annual amount of donations is not less than 800 thousand yuan.
      Child injury has become a problem that can not be ignored, every year in China, about ten million of children are injured, more than one hundred thousand of children due to drowning, traffic accidents, accidental suffocation, fall, poisoning and other accidents and deaths. Many people are not aware of the damage and the accident has now become the leading cause of death in Chinese children. Since 2003, UNICEF and the Chinese government to cooperate to carry out the project, to prevent children's injury and accidental death. Practice has proved that in the home, the school and community to carry out the activities of the children to reduce accidents and deaths are feasible. The project also set up a "national security standards" for schools, while helping to set up a system to monitor children's injuries. The project also encourages children to participate in the creation of 'safe home, safe school and safe community' and active action. In the home, in the school, or in the community, the support of Qingtian Suzhou enterprises will benefit thousands of children every year.

      Yang Zongxian, chairman, said that as a private textile enterprises, Qingtian group has been the social welfare undertakings as the core concept of the enterprise.

      Two, the school student

      1, bear social responsibility, the company has made a number of contributions to the society in the past years, the company chairman Yang Zongxian has been very concerned about the poor children in China, the learning and growth of young people. In 1999, Mr. Yang Zongxian and his wife does not do the marriage ceremony, the about two hundred thousand yuan of funds in Tibet Linzhou county established a hope primary school, the school around fifty children classroom. After that, and successively in Xinjiang, Hunan, Yunnan, Jiangsu established a similar school, so that more poor children benefit from;
      2 enterprises in Qingtian, chairman of the city - a key high school in secondary schools have set up the fund, with 30 years of time, pay 75 thousand yuan of funds each year to help 15 poor students complete high school, the student fund benefit has five fifteen 100% students entered the University learning.
      In 2005, Mr. Yang through to the provincial Civil Affairs Department of the trial, the establishment of the Jiangsu Province, the joint development of charitable foundation to promote the poor children, young people, the successful completion of their studies. Also hope that through the fund will allow more people or companies to join the social responsibility, the cause will be bigger.

      Three, the heart of the disaster area

      14:28 on May 12, 2008, Sichuan Wenchuan area 8 earthquake disaster area, the leadership of the company, always concerned about the life of our compatriots, at 14:28 on May 19th this moment, under the leadership of chairman, all staff 3 minutes of silence.
      Yang Zongxian, chairman of the company, after the disaster to pay attention to the earthquake disaster, and to extend a helping hand to the victims. In order to support the people of disaster areas survive and rebuild their homes, carry forward the Chinese nation a difficult one, the glorious tradition, help comes from all quarters in 13 days "after the disaster the first time to contact the Chinese always poverty alleviation fund worth 1 million yuan donation, sweater and 550 boxes of mineral water disaster relief! And in 18 by railway transport to disaster areas, staff are also encouraged to donate 18271 yuan, while the company decided to come up with 500 thousand yuan in the Heishui County Primary School Reconstruction in Sichuan one of the seven hardest hit County of 1, helping children to return to school!
      Our wills unite like a fortress. and overcome the difficulties! Set up a bridge of love between the heart and the heart!
      Earthquake relief, reconstruction of their homes! Compose a beat of passionate music life!

      Four, social welfare activities

      March Wujiang, beautiful scenery. In March 12th, Zhenze town home jubilant laughter. Qingtian business leaders on behalf of the company and in previous years and to visit the elderly in a nursing home and planting.
      Qingtian's leaders and 25 old people with more than 10 young employees come together to see life in here, and they chatted, greetings, and presented the necessities to them. And asked in detail about the old people's living conditions, deep said, the company will do their best to help them, to the elderly a more warm living environment. Since then, Qingtian staff and nursing homes with management staff in the hospital garden side planted more than 20 strains of the magnolia tree, a symbol of hope together to create a good human living environment.
      As Qingtian enterprises, in the building of a harmonious society, to promote the new rural construction process, the enterprises have also joined the public construction team, the dedication of love, contribute, not only increases the work intensity and strength, but also promoted the rural nursing home improvement work.
      The development of enterprises at the same time, we always uphold the "honest, perfect life, industry serve the country" business management, the company has been operating beyond simple economic activities. Our employees in the enterprise production environment, the interests of employees and other aspects of the conditions have done much work, we know that only shouldering a broad social responsibility and have high social consciousness, we can obtain a wide range of social identity, to achieve long-term sustainable development.


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