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    1. ABOUT

      Former language

      Founded in 1993, Qingtian group is a Integrated Company engaged in many industries. The main use of supply chain management concept of professional textile and clothing production, brand marketing two core business. Suzhou Qingtian Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. is a Qingtian Group subsidiary specializing in textile and apparel production manufacturer, it is located in a beautiful environment, with silk called Suzhou Town, Zhenze Town, 90 km from the international metropolis Shanghai, the geographical position richly endowed by nature.
      Since its inception, has been committed to providing our customers with the best quality clothing development, production and after-sales service, for many of the domestic and foreign well-known brands to produce all kinds of garments. We have established a long term partnership with many famous brands in the world and in the world. In recent years, in the development of national costume and professional development, also made considerable progress.

      Today, we already have a considerable scale, in order to make the quality of the more widely to the market, we Qingtian people are constantly exploring and updating products, make it more perfect.

      Corporate culture

      Pay attention to employee's rights, environmental protection and business ethics.

      Employees' rights and interests

      We are a labor intensive industries, in order to make the enterprise in all aspects of the environment in line with national laws, international labor conventions and standards, as well as the business philosophy of a better life, the company's management beyond the simple economic activities, the enterprise's labor production environment and conditions and the continuous improvement of the labor. We know only to take on a more extensive social responsibility, and have a high degree of social consciousness, we can get a wide range of social recognition, to achieve long-term, sustainable development.
      Over the years, the company in addition to earnestly implement and implement the relevant laws and regulations of the country, but also regularly collect all kinds of relevant information
      In order to continuously improve their interests in the protection of the system, and effectively protect the rights and interests of employees, improve employee treatment:
      O resolutely put an end to the use of child labor, against forced labor;
      O always concerned about the health and safety of employees, to provide a healthy and safe working environment for employees;
      The establishment of trade unions and workers' congresses, highly respected the freedom of association and collective bargaining;
      The fight against discrimination and non-interference in the employee exercise beliefs and customs rights, meet relating to race, social class, nationality, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership and political affiliation rights;
      The prohibited corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion and verbal insults to employees;
      In strict compliance with the provisions of applicable laws and industry standards on working time, efforts to improve employees' wages;
      To develop a transparent, various levels can understand the social responsibility and labor conditions, policy based on communication and non management representatives, and conduct regular audits, continuous improvement.
      After unremitting efforts, the company's labor standards to meet the international standards (and access to WRAP, SA8000 certification), and as a legitimate textile and apparel suppliers, we have to work in this area, has been working with foreign customers GROUP PERRY, ELLIS GROUP THARANCO, GROUP LVMH, GROUP PVH to establish good cooperative relations, and access to STORE Macy, SAKS' s, TARGET, and other large retail stores.

      Environmental protection

      In terms of pollution, the company will in general industrial wastewater and domestic sewage into the internal unity of the local sewage treatment system, we also firmly use fabric and yarn suppliers to comply with national environmental standards.
      In short, the people of Qingtian in their own development, the importance of environmental protection, prevention and control of pollution in the There is nothing comparable to this to spare no effort to participate in this, for the benefit of human environmental protection, and comply with ISO14001 environmental standard system, offer all of our strength in order to contribute to the development of human society.

      business ethics

      Business ethics, especially good faith, has been the focus of our culture and management methods of elements. We are well aware of the importance of good faith management for our continued to win customers, partners, employees and shareholders of our trust and maintain our reputation. In the spirit of our customer satisfaction, let the staff satisfaction, so that our investors satisfied with the idea, we in the construction of the system of business ethics, long-term commitment to the following aspects of the problem;
      To customers: reasonable price we are the most reasonable price to provide security products? Is the correct information about the product being offered? Is the customer's complaint increased or reduced? How do they deal with it?
      To the staff: the staff's satisfaction increased or decreased? We are providing equal opportunities for staff, to avoid gender and racial discrimination, to ensure that the work of the staff in the work safety is in place? Does the enterprise use the complaint handling procedure? Who is disciplined by the staff, why?
      To the supplier: do we pay on time? Do we often get a competitive offer? What advice do we give to our suppliers to accept customers?
      To shareholders: all shareholders are getting the same information? We have done the best in improving the company's profit growth? The interests of shareholders and corporate goals?
      To the natural environment: do we try to keep the process of reducing the pollution caused by the environment, and to comply with the relevant laws?
      If our service reputation drops, although has the high quality product, our loss also will be an irreversible. With such a sense of responsibility for our customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders, we have achieved the recognition of customers, employees and society in the business ethics construction.

      Market / productivity
      - Part 1

      Market / scale

      Company's existing staff of more than 1300 people, covers an area of more than 5 square meters, plant area of more than 3 square meters. The company mainly produces garments, sweaters, three categories of textile fabrics. Singapore has made "MRT" line hanging system, 550 sets of knitting sewing machine and auxiliary equipment, monthly production of 220 thousand pieces of knitted garments; 500 sets of high-quality knitting machine and auxiliary equipment, Germany STOLL computer knitting machine 260 (PIN number range: 5 "- 16" needle needle), wool sweater month ability 320 thousand; Germany, Taiwan knitting machine equipment 80 Taiwan, (diameter range of 18 "-38") with an annual output of 1000 tons of knitted fabric, in 2014 the company achieved sales of 1 billion yuan. Our goal is: by 2014, the company achieved sales of 1 billion 200 million yuan.
      Company to each of the 300 parts from the base of the number of hundreds of thousands of pieces of acceptance, with the continuous improvement of production capacity and rapid response capabilities, the product is more close to the market demand, we are ready to meet the arrival of your various orders.
      List of products of the company

      Company over the years of business

      - sequel
      core competencies

      Good business is based on quality products and thoughtful service. In terms of customer service, we have integrated services including specialized market research, professional product development, outstanding marketing team and strong logistics distribution as the core, and we also have the quality assurance system, which is supported by the advanced technology and equipment, the high efficiency management system, the excellent raw material quality and the production quality control system.

      Quality service

      Specialized market research - the establishment of information early warning mechanism to ensure the smooth flow of information

      According to the international organization for standardization, state and local governments often revise technical regulations and standards, changing customer requirements to supply and processors and improve, in order to as soon as possible in the shortest period of time accurately informed related information to ensure timely according to the changed regulations, standards and requirements of production, products reduction in export barriers. The company established the corresponding information warning mechanism to collect and track the latest relevant information, establish the information center and database; at the same time, make full use of the information, such as the domestic and foreign agents, local marketing personnel and other information, in a careful study of the impact of various external environment on the basis of the main export products, take positive response measures to create a good export environment.

      Professional new product development ability

      We do what I can, in a reasonable and effective use of basic equipment resources and talent resources, in order to make the enterprises in Qingtian from the start of purely to provide processing services for customers processors become a considerable strength in the development of the ability of the company; in recent years, we have established a very professional design and R & D team, and actively develop new technology, to provide customers with valuable products, shorten development time.

      Excellent marketing team

      We have a team composed of dozens of people with the system and skilled marketing team, we take the customer demand as the guidance, combined with the business manager, documentary, fabric development, quality control, documents to the loading shipped, to form a solid team, won the time and cost for the customer.

      Strong logistics distribution

      Through cooperation with domestic and international well-known clothing such as ELLIS PVH, THARANCO, PERRY, and the construction of its own marketing system, we have established a strong logistics distribution system, with the advantages of our products have entered the world, including the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world.

      Science and technology as the accelerator
      The introduction of advanced equipment

      In order to extend the product design capability, improve production efficiency and improve the degree of mechanization to solve the loss caused by manual handling. In 2003, expanding the scale of production conditions, the company invested tens of millions of computer knitting machine made in Germany and the introduction of MRT suspension system STOLL three system, four system 260. After a few years, the company will increase investment in technological transformation projects, in order to ensure product quality to lay a solid foundation.

      2003 Qingtian enterprises to start the development of ERP system, the company has been fully operational in 2004, the company has been fully operational, the various resources and the entire production, business process to implement effective organization, coordination, control, to achieve the business flow, capital flow and information flow of integrated and unified management, help companies to reduce inventory, shorten the production cycle, reduce production costs, improve economic efficiency and market competitiveness of enterprises.

      Customer satisfaction and quality

      Control of raw materials - is the guarantee of our low cost

      In order to ensure raw materials from every important aspect of clothing is made of, companies invested in establishing sericulture base and cotton base, to ensure the quality of raw materials and cost. And the related midstream industry, such as weaving, printing and dyeing set up tight
      Close cooperative relationship.

      Quality control and quality inspection

      We take quality as the center of the operating system, in the ISO 9000 on the basis of top-down, internal and external to promote the overall quality management concept and system, the company implemented two quality management system.
      On the one hand, the establishment of a complete quality management process and acceptance criteria, from the purchase of raw materials to the production and inspection of each link to a strict inspection, correction, control.
      On the other hand, the company has established a quality control department, the Department is mainly responsible for the general manager of the company and the customer is responsible for, in order to produce at the same time, QC department started the quality control mechanism, mainly for product process, delivery and related information management, to ensure that customers, QA staff, will be able to check before the relevant circumstances and problems to implement and solve.

      Product image
      One, clothing
      Two, a sweater
      Three, professional installation
      Four, national clothing

      Company's development direction and objectives
      In order to provide customers with high quality and low price products, the use of the value chain management, customer as the center, optimize the internal resource allocation, and continuously reduce the cost of business processes, shorten the time of production, so that the production as close to the implementation needs, so that our company has become a strategic partner in the real sense.


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